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Mescaline Capsule

Buy mescaline Capsule…Mescaline cacti is a psychedelic compound found in a number of cactus species. Scientifically known as 3, 4, 5 trimethoxyphenethylamine, Mescaline Capsule is a naturally occurring alkaloid of the phenethylamine family. Its hallucinogenic and mind friendly effects are similar to those of LSD, psilocybin, and DMT.

Mescaline Capsule containing plants have been used by people all over Mexico and South and Central America for thousands of years. Mescaline has a high affinity for the serotonin 5HT receptors in the brain and causes excitation of neurones in the frontal lobe. Why these phenomena cause hallucinations is unknown. However, it has been traditionally used by native peoples to uplifting and positive personal and social effect.

Mescaline was the first of the psychedelics to be isolated. In 1896 Arthur Heffter extracted mescaline from peyote and tested it on himself. Investigation showed that affects can be felt at 100mg, but 350 mg is needed for a psychotropic experience.

Mescaline is ingested and absorbed in the intestinal tract, which is why it takes some time to kick in. Extractions work much faster than consuming cactus chips or teas, and are far less nauseating.

It is impossible to become addicted to mescaline. Evolution has built in an anti addiction feature. If it is taken for more than four or five days in a row, it simply stops working. Doing bigger and bigger doses is just a big fat waste of time.

Mescaline Capsule For Sale Online

Mescaline is a psychedelic  that’s found in a number of southwestern cacti like peyote, the San Pedro cactus, and the Peruvian torch. Peyote is popularly used by Native American shaman in religious groups The drug is illegal in the US but special exceptions are made for groups that use it for religious purposes.

All totally legal to own and grow. All very common.

Because these three cacti never gained the hippie dippy fame that peyote did, they fell through the cracks of prohibition. Retaining their legal status and remaining on the shelves of garden stores and in living rooms and yards across America straight into the modern day;

And they have certain qualities that make them even more useful than peyote, for the curious psychonaut. Because, peyote, as a plant, is a very slow growing substance, each button taking up to three years to reach full growth. It is not an easy (or legal) cactus to grow, nor is it easy to find in the forest: it is small, and it requires several peyote buttons to get enough to achieve a single dose.

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