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We uphold principles of honesty, transparency, and dedication to their clients and Ragdoll cats. We are a registered breeder since 2004, located at 4 Orania Street, Durack, and operate a small home cattery that specializes in breeding Ragdoll cats. Our love for the breed and their commitment to their clients led them to begin breeding in 2005, resulting in their first litter of kittens in early 2006. The Ragdoll cat is unique in many ways, with a friendly and affectionate personality that resembles that of a puppy. The cats are known to be cuddly and enjoy following their owners around, as well as being social and welcoming to guests. One of their most attractive qualities is their soft, bunny-like fur, which sheds only slightly during warmer seasons and requires only occasional combing

Fluffi Dolls Ragdolls

We have a diverse selection of male and female cats that allow us to produce a limited number of adorable and healthy litters each year. All of our female and male cats have tested negative for disease, and we will provide you with these reports along with the kitten’s age-appropriate vaccination and worming records on the day of adoption. To prevent the spread of illness, we require all visitors to our home, including prospective adopters, to wear shoe covers and wash their hands. You may visit our kittens by appointment only and after submitting a deposit. We will keep you updated on your kitten’s development with photos and videos.

When your kitten is ready to go home, usually between 10-12 weeks old, they will have been fully weaned and socialized by their mother and us. They will also have received age-appropriate vaccinations, deworming, and a microchip. The kittens are litter trained, eat high-quality kitten food, and are ready to join your family. We recommend using filtered water if possible.

We are eager to speak with you and assist you in finding your forever furry companion!

Fluffi Dolls Ragdolls

Initially, we were drawn to the Ragdoll cat breed because of their dog-like behavior and because we lived in a condo and wanted an indoor cat. Our admiration for the breed grew quickly, and they have since become an integral part of our lives.

Our first Ragdoll, a lilac bicolor named Lucy, was beautiful and had the ideal personality we were looking for. She was always by our side, following us around, greeting us at the door, and just wanting to be with us all the time. We cherished Lucy’s presence for 16 years and miss her dearly.

Our breeding philosophy has always been focused on personality. In the early 20s, when we started showing our cats, there was uncertainty among judges about the appearance of a purebred Ragdoll since the breed was still new. Some judges sought guidance on the breed’s ideal look from the breeders with the most show cats. We remained steadfast in our belief that personality was the key factor in the Ragdoll’s popularity and prioritized breeding for personality over everything else. People who adopt our Ragdolls often remark on their loving and sweet personalities compared to other Ragdolls.

Fluffi Dolls Ragdolls
Fluffi Dolls Ragdolls
Fluffi Dolls Ragdolls

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